Round 2 Men – Harvard 18, Yale 9

The first half of the Ivy League Fencing Championship (formerly known as the “North” Championship) is taking place at Yale University’s Payne Whitney Gym in New Haven, Conn. on February 3, 2008. Below is the latest match report.

Sabre: Harvard, 7-2
Harvard: Steve Ahn 3-0, Scott DiGiulio 2-1, Craig Gorin 1-2.
Yale: Bradley Broadhead 1-2, Sebastian Cano-Besquet 1-2, Stephen Watty 0-6.

Foil: Yale, 5-4
Harvard: Kai Itameri-Kinter 2-1, Hao Meng 1-2, Long Ouyang 1-2.
Yale: John Gurrieri 2-1, Andrew Holbrook 1-2, Nathaniel Botwinick 2-1.

Epee: Harvard, 7-2
Harvard: Teddy Sherrill 3-0, Billy Stallings 2-1, Karl Harmenberg 2-1.
Yale: Michael Pearce 2-1, Steve Miller 0-3, Gabe Billings 0-3.

IVY RECORDS: Harvard 2-0, Yale 0-2

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