What a Difference a Year Makes

It really is amazing what exactly can be done in just one year.

Our initial fencing blog (from last year’s Round-Robins) has enjoyed 3,436 total hits from outside sources (i.e. – not anybody that has the authority to contribute to it) over 13 months in existence.

Since the 2008 version of the fencing blog went live — on Jan. 30, 2008 — the total number of hits is 7,228 (at latest count). That figure more than doubles the entire number of hits from the first blog (and there is still more than 350 days left in the calendar year for the numbers to increase).

To put such an increase into perspective, the best day that the blog on last year’s blog was 354 hits (which came on the final day of competition in 2007).

And although the official count was based in Greenwich Mean Time (what can you do?), the best day for hits was Feb. 10th at 1,462 hits.

But since I am from the East coast (Langhorne, Pa., represent!), I made my very own 24-hour window which ran from 11:59 am on Feb. 9 through 11:59 pm EST on Feb. 10 so that a true count could take place. Judging by my count – the total hits for that day was 1,980 [which was not only a great year to be born – but also is > than our best day a year ago (354 X 5.5932203 = 1980)].

Thank you so very much for the support of this blog. The original hope was that this would attract a modest increase over the traffic from a year ago (modest being 500-1000 more hits over the course of the year). It is safe to say that the steep increases went beyond any prognostication. You have made it a great success!

Spread the word and let’s do it again at the Ivy Fencing Round-Robins 2009!

Is 10,000 strong possible? Only time will tell.


About The Ivy League

Founded in 1954, the Ivy League includes Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Princeton and Yale Universities, Dartmouth College and the University of Pennsylvania, and provides the country’s widest intercollegiate athletic opportunities for both men and women, with over 8,000 athletes competing each year. The Ivy League annually finishes among the top conferences in the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics competitive rankings, and Ivy student-athletes annually compile the country’s best records in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Academic Performance Ratings.
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